• Keder

    Keder is a Textile Reinforcement product which is widely used in many applications, such as sides of banners, tents, awnings, pool covers, marine products, truck side signs, marquees, sails and other kinds of textile cloths, which require reinforced sides due to tension and forces.

    To produce the high standard product that we offer, in addition to our customized proprietary machine, the PVC core and coating fabric have been carefully selected from well-known suppliers around China to guarantee the best quality keder on the market. The main features of our keder is the full circle adhesion (fully patented).

    This technology greatly reduces the risk of keder becoming useless and potentially dangerous in the event of tearing and breakage, thus effectively enhancing the lifespan of the final product.

    keder is a specialized industrial product for side fixings, they are widely used on tent/marquee, automotive side canopy, advertising banners, and marine-sail applications. The purpose of keder is to strengthen the edge connection region where it is the most critical but weakest link; they are usually slotted into aluminum bracket stands.