• Application

      Tent & Marquees
    Keder is an accessory part that secures the connection between vinyl tops and sidewalls to structural railing.
    Our keder has been commonly used in the tent & Marquees industry.
    We offer the highest quality keder ( Full Bond Adhesion between fabric and PVC core)
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      Banner & Sign
    Keder is widely used in the digital print industry for banners & signs; Our patented Full Bond Adhesion technology allows our Keder to be more durable to wear & tear when inserted into banner/sign tracks.
    Recommended Specification
      Awning & Canopy
    Keder is frequently used as an accessory mechanism that secures the awning fabric to structural railing.
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      Marine & Sails
    Our Keder is best suited in the Marine & Sails industry for boat curtains and sails canvas.
    Our keder's Full-Bonding Adhesion and flexibility allows the utmost versatility when installing around the curvature of the sails and boat.
    Recommended Specification